Serious Fraud & Financial Crime

If you’re accused of a serious fraud or business-related crime, the consequences of being found guilty can be life-changing and catastrophic. Serious fraud and financial crimes are often referred to as “white-collar crime” and a conviction could result in a term of imprisonment, leave you permanently unemployable and you could have your assets, including your home, seized, frozen or confiscated under the Proceeds Of Crime Act (POCA).

Money Laundering

Money laundering is an offence under the Proceeds of Crime Act and during an investigation into what has happened to the money and property that are the proceeds of criminal activity, suspected money laundering offences will often be discovered and investigated.

Proceeds of Crime (POCA) and Confiscation Proceedings

Under the Proceeds of Crime Act, the Crown Prosecution Service can instigate confiscation proceedings if they believe, and the court decides, that you are living a criminal lifestyle.

Mortgage Fraud

Walker Lahive has the experience to defend all manner of fraud and POCA matters

Revenue & Tax Fraud

There are several categories of tax fraud, or 'revenue offences'.

Counterfeit Goods

Dealing in fake or counterfeit goods is an 'intellectual property' crime. Whatever your involvement, or non-involvement, Walker Lahive can defend you with the best of our lawyers and experts.

Credit Card Fraud

You may be accused of being involved in conspiracy organised crime, or perhaps you have used someone's credit card because you were desperate, or you may have been caught up in something you that you had no involvement in at all.  We can give you the best possible advice and defend your case with all the expertise we have to hand.

Other Offences

There are many categories and degrees of financial crime, and whatever your predicament, we can help you through the legal process and make your situation less of a burden.  We have experts on hand and lawyers to assist you with:

Over 80 Years Combined Experience

Our lawyers are criminal defence specialists who’ve honed their skills in untold police stations, courts, tribunals, courts martial, hearings and investigations – decades of dedication and experience that we put to work every day on your behalf.
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Walker Lahive is ranked number 1 in Chambers for Criminal Defence Solicitors in the South West of England.
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