Lesser offences

Some lesser offences are regarded as less serious than others – but it’s only a matter of degree. They could still land you in a prison cell for years on end, ruin your reputation, and finish your career. If you’re accused of any one of them, you need to have the most effective legal representation you can find, by people who’ll fight your corner, understand you, and explain your case to the court in the most convincing way possible.

Exeter Crown Court

Assault and ABH

Many people are not aware that they can be charged with assault just for making people fear or anticipate immediate unlawful force.


If you find yourself charged with a burglary you did not commit, then you will need expert legal assistance to take statements from any alibi witnesses - and you may even need forensic analysis from the scene to determine that you were not there.

Criminal Damage

Criminal damage can range from breaking an item that can easily be repaired or replaced to the burning down or a large building .. and the damage doesn't even have to be permanent.

Other Offences

Whether you're accused of breaching an ASBO, having a dangerous dog or being a soccer hooligan, we'll help you put your case across in the most advantageous way.

Possession of Drugs

Drug possession, including small amounts of cannabis or tablets and substances that you do not have a prescription for, is against the law and the penalties can differ according to the category and quantity of drugs found in your possession.


The definition of robbery is that someone steals, and just before or at the time of stealing, uses force, or makes someone fear that force will be used to take their property from them.


There are a wide range of Theft Act offences that can range from shoplifting a small item, all the way up to armed robbery.

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Our lawyers are criminal defence specialists who’ve honed their skills in untold police stations, courts, tribunals, courts martial, hearings and investigations – decades of dedication and experience that we put to work every day on your behalf.
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Walker Lahive is ranked number 1 in Chambers for Criminal Defence Solicitors in the South West of England.
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