In law, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit an unlawful act, whether it be to traffic people, import or sell drugs, blackmail, to defraud or deprive a person of their rightful property, or even to commit murder.

These crimes are dealt with in the Crown Court and can sometimes be very lengthy and involved, with many pages of evidence.  You will need highly skilled caseworkers and specialist barristers.  We have the the know-how and considerable experience in all aspects of conspiracy law and will go through every page of evidence with a fine tooth comb, and we’ll spend all the necessary time with you and your barrister to prepare your case.

If necessary, we can engage forensic or financial experts who may be able pick apart the Crown’s case in vital areas.  We also have access to interpreters if your case crosses international borders and you find yourself detained in the UK, far from home.

If you are convicted, you may then have to go through Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings and we can argue your case and negotiate with the various agencies involved in the potential confiscation of your property.

Charged with Conspiracy?

For an offence to have been committed the following elements are needed:

  1. Two or more people to agree to carry out a criminal offence.
  2. There must be an intention to be a party to an agreement to commit an unlawful act.

If there are only two people involved and the other person is the first person’s wife, husband or partner, or if they are a child, or an intended victim of the offence; it cannot be conspiracy. Repentance, lack of opportunity and failure are all immaterial to the commission of the offence.

Types of conspiracy

Types of conspiracy include, but are not limited to;

  • Conspiracy to import drugs
  • Conspiracy to supply drugs
  • Conspiracy to commit theft
  • Conspiracy to evade duty
  • Conspiracy to launder money (see Money Laundering)

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