Miscellaneous Offences

Whatever trouble you face, you will be impressed by our professional skills, our plain speaking, and our determination to do everything in our power to help you.

Because that’s what we do. See things from your point of view. Cover your back. Explain your reasons. And try to convince the police, the officials, the magistrates or even the jury that you don’t deserve to be punished or convicted.

You might not have heard of Walker Lahive before. But if you’re in a worrying situation, you’ll be glad you know about us now. Just like the thousands of people we’ve helped in the past 30 years. People, just like you, who’ve found themselves on the wrong end of a police enquiry, a DWP investigation, a court martial, a tax probe, transport police prosecutions, Fisheries Act offences, Football Banning Orders, telecommunications offences or even a hostile Taxi Committee.

We can offer you:

  • half an hour of free advice on any criminal defence matter
  • advice, support and representation at a police station – free of charge
  • the best defence you can get at a Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court, Court Martial, HMRC, DWP, local authority or Taxi Committee hearing
  • help in choosing the best barrister or Queen’s Counsel for your circumstances
  • professional case-management, meaning we ensure everything’s dealt with by everyone involved as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • help with applying for Legal Aid, if you qualify, or advice on the best way to fund your legal battle if you don’t
  • meetings at our offices, or at your home if you have a disability, or in prison
  • discussions over the phone, if that’s more convenient for you
  • a friendly face on the spot when your own solicitor’s too far away and they ask us to act as agents.

You name it, if it’s classified as a criminal offence we defend it. And we do that as if our lives depended on it. In plain English, so you’ll always know what’s going on.

Over 80 Years Combined Experience

Our lawyers are criminal defence specialists who’ve honed their skills in untold police stations, courts, tribunals, courts martial, hearings and investigations – decades of dedication and experience that we put to work every day on your behalf.
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Ranked #1 By Chambers In The South West

Walker Lahive is ranked number 1 in Chambers for Criminal Defence Solicitors in the South West of England.
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