Assault and ABH

Many people are not aware that they can be charged with assault just for making people fear or anticipate immediate unlawful force. This can be on purpose or recklessly. This can mean a grab or push as well as a slap or punch.

What distinguishes common assault from actual bodily harm is the degree of injury caused and you may find yourself facing imprisonment. If significant injury is caused, then you may be charged with causing grievous bodily harm and you will find yourself facing imprisonment.

You can be charged with an assault if more than one person was involved and you only played a very minor part. In all of these circumstances, you will need professional legal help.

The expertise and experience we’ve gained by devoting our careers to defending people makes us the best chance you have if you find yourself on an assault charge.

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Our lawyers are criminal defence specialists who’ve honed their skills in untold police stations, courts, tribunals, courts martial, hearings and investigations – decades of dedication and experience that we put to work every day on your behalf.
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Walker Lahive is ranked number 1 in Chambers for Criminal Defence Solicitors in the South West of England.
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