The definition of robbery is that someone steals, and just before or at the time of stealing, uses force, or makes someone fear that force will be used to take their property from them. This could be a mugging or a car-jacking on the streets, or could take place in someone’s house or at a business premises such as a shop, post office or bank.

Robbery is a form of aggravated theft and can often lead to a term of imprisonment, depending on your age and the way in which the offence was committed, so this is a very serious crime to be involved in. Even if you were standing around while your friends took part you can be arrested and charged as part of a ‘gang’.

If an aggravating feature such as violence or a weapon is involved then penalties can be very severe.

This is a category of crime known as ‘indictable only;’ which means that it can only be dealt with in the Crown Court. You will need a barrister as well as a solicitor and you may well need help with identification issues – especially if the robbery was caught on CCTV – and witness statements may be helpful.

If you have been accused of a robbery you will need a very strong defence team. Call us, or contact us at Walker Lahive and you will be in safe hands.

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